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Adobe InDesign CS4 Software Collection (2008-2009)

Adobe InDesign CS4 blurs the boundaries between online and offline publications. With this program you can create amazing designs for print, interactive PDF documents and impressive videos for playback in Adobe Flash Player in the process of development. With Video (inside the archive), in Russian you will learn all the new package, as well as learn how to work with standard features. In a collection of Adobe InDesign CS4 Software Collection includes: Adobe InDesign CS4 v6.0 Multilingual, content Pack, Training Video Course , as well as guidance on the use
Adobe InDesign CS4 v6.0 Multilingual. Detailed description:
Adjustable panel "Communication"
Using the custom panel "Links" you can find and systematize all the files placed in the document, as well as manage them. Do show the most important for business process attributes, such as scale, rotation angle and resolution.

Transitions pages in SWF files and PDF
Use different page transitions, such as overturning, appearance, dissolution, fading, and many others, on individual pages or all turn to SWF files or PDF. Take a preview page before the transition of its use, as well as experiment with the speed and direction of the transition to optimize the management of the project.

Conditional text
Create multiple versions of a document based on the original file created in InDesign, for different users. Use hidden text for the paragraphs, words and even characters without using layers. The remaining text and referenced objects automatically perekomponuyutsya in the model.

Export to Adobe Flash CS4 Professional (XFL)
Export documents to the XFL format and open them in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional with the preservation of the visual accuracy of the original layout InDesign. Using Flash to add advanced interactive features, animation and navigation to complex layouts for easy use of the document.

Create and Pre checking large documents, as well as the management can be simplified by using such a flexible and powerful tool, as cross-references, they are dynamically updated when you modify and move the contents of the document.

"Quick" guides
Flatten Ask intervals, rotate and resize one or more objects using dynamic guides. The guides, object dimensions, rotation angles and coordinate axes x and displayed dynamically, allowing the fast edge of an object or tie it to center vertically / horizontally to another object or the edge of the page in the layout.

Creating an interactive document with the possibility to export to SWF file
Transform page layouts into dynamic SWF files without using a development environment copyrights Adobe Flash ®. Create electronic documents with interactive buttons, hyperlinks, and unique page transitions for playback in Adobe Flash Player in the process of development.

Intellectual perekomponovka text
Automatically add pages at the end of the material, the selection or document with the replacement text, using this new feature. Intellectual perekomponovka text is in close connection with conditional text as pages are automatically deleted or added to the hide or display the conditional text to the document.

Turn turn
Follow the temporary exit of turn, not turning the monitor itself. Use the opportunity to edit at 90 and 180 degrees to work with not horizontal elements of the project.

System requirements:
* 1.5GHz or faster processor
* Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (Service Pack 3 recommended) or Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1 (certified for 32-bit Windows XP and Windows Vista)
* 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
* 1.8GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on flash-based storage devices)
* 1,024 x768 display (1,280 x800 recommended) with 16-bit video card
* DVD-ROM drive
* QuickTime 7 software required for multimedia features
* Broadband Internet connection required for online services

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