Minggu, 11 Oktober 2009

Opera Unite 10.10 Build 1830 Beta Portable

Opera - salah satu yang tercepat dan paling fleksibel dalam pengaturan browser Anda.. Using skins, custom panels and other means to configure the interface, its appearance can be changed beyond recognition. The program allows on the fly "disable and enable the schedule, and also boasts proprietary technology scaling Web pages through which users browser almost never see a horizontal scroll bar.

Opera Unite - new technology from the company Opera Software ASA, which allows to make from any computer connected to the Internet, server, provided the use of browser Opera. With Opera Unite can, for example, listen to music and video streaming, sharing photos and other files directly from your computer by providing access to a specific folder (and subfolders) in the file system (it's exempt from the use of fayloobmennikov).

And connect to the server user Opera Unite from any browser that supports current web standards. When creating services using technologies HTML, CSS, javascript, SVG and AJAX, as when creating a service can use Markuper API. Markuper API is a library of templates that allow connecting javascript and HTML, to facilitate the creation of services.

Downlaod link ^^

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