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Swish Max 3 portable

To create your site has a large number of patrons, in addition to advertising and promotion of regular updates, it is necessary that the dimensions were as small as possible and in doing so he must have a catchy design. One of the mandatory elements of the current site is a flash animation. Elements of the site, built using the technology of flash, make more convenient the navigation, as well as attracting the attention of visitors.Site created with Flash requires a certain knowledge, in particular, ActionScript, many settings MacromediaFlash MX, etc. For many beginners this is a serious obstacle, because some do not have enough time to learn complicated programs, and some - patience. However, there is recent and alternative products to create a flash-animation, which are easier to learn and thus make it possible to obtain good results. One such program is SwishMAX.

Program SwishMAX - is a relatively new development of the Australian company SWiSHzone. It is an expanded version of the program Swish2, which has already gained popularity among users around the world (especially since the first version of the program was distributed free of charge). The advantage of this program can be considered, above all, ease of use. Even a skilled user in a short time be able to create with the help of professional flash videos. SwishMAX has all the best qualities and Swish2 thus has a large number of additional options - an additional tool for drawing (AutoShapes), the possibility of creating scripts and debugging, lots of new custom effects (over 200), improved export options.

Features of the program SWiSH Max:
* More than 230 visual effects. Hundreds of new effects can be used for text, graphics and images. Also, you can create and apply your own effects using SWiSHscript language.
* Drawing Tools. Create various graphic elements, such as stars, polygons, cubes, buttons, etc. with a convenient means for drawing.
* Import / export settings. Import SWF video to other Flash applications. Simple import of video, music, graphics and text files. You can easily export your SWF / AVI videos, Flash-projects.
* Dynamic content. Upload images, text and data from a Web server and manage your SWiSH-video with server-side scripting.

Build 2009.09.04 Changes
Fix: CTRL+Z fails to undo last action on both XP & Vista
Fix: Max3 crashes with pencil tool and smooth after
New: Move warning trace messages to constants area for translation in video controls
New: need 'function get x' and 'function set x' method for classes (for compatibility with flash AS2)
Fix: COMP. heart_roses does not preview

1- Flash Player 10 Included
2- Enjoy!


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