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Windows XP SP3 Pro Gamer Edition DirectX11 09.2009

Windows XP SP3 Pro Gamer Edition - build on the basis of a unique RTM from Microsoft, with all critical updates available at this den.Stabilnaya work and speed make this assembly is not interchangeable for gamers 90% of the games up and running more quickly than similar assemblies such type.

The default is the British language, but you can integrate at least some own taken from at least some kind of HP. 100% tested on a Web site Microsoft. There are also additional key on the disk.

Internet explorer 8
Windows media player 11
Kels runtimes 5.6
Tooltipfixer 2.0,
Directx 9 August 2009
Directx 10 new edition
Directx 11 june 2009
Flash 10
Java 6 update 16
Shockwave 11
Klite mega pack 5.1.0
c + + 2005
AMD k8 processor driver 1.2
SetPoint 470
Gamebooster 1.2.1
Xfire 1.114
Avg antivirus 8.5.392
Winrar 3.90 regged

MassStorage 9.0.1 txt mode (sata + raid)
Cpu 8.0.4
Chipset 9.0.2
Graphics A 9.06
Graphics B 9.06
Graphics C 8.12.1
Lan 8.12.1
Sound A 8.0.5
Sound B 8.0.5
Wlan 8.0.6
Graphics A languages 9.06
Graphics A physX 9.06
Monitor 81022
Sp3 hd audio 00002
Wireless 00002

Accessibility options
Clipbook viewer
Internet games
Cameras and camcorders
Tape drives
Luna theme
additional mouse cursors
Movie maker
Music Samples
Speech support
Tablet pc
windows defualt sounds
Frontpage extensions
MSN Explorer
Outlook express
Windows Messenger 4.7
colour schemes
desktop cleanup wizard
Search assistant dog
Fax service

How russifitsirovat?

run MUISETUP ... waiting for the end of the installation, then go, Language and regional standards and they are putting Russian everywhere - dialogs, etc. Restarts. And we have Russian interface.

md5: 9ab6a046edbf9a4f92f6c642cdbbc9f

On the file:
Activation | reg code: Is present
Interface Language: English + Russian
File Format: iso
Platform / OS: x86/XP

Download link ^^

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