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ChromePlus (Update)

lo tau google crome kan ? nah yg ini sodara-y google crome namanya Chrome. aplikasi ini sebenarnya sama saja dengan google crome namun di Chrome ini ditambahkan fitur-fitur

nah ini adalah berbagai fitur-fitur yang di tambahkan oleh Chrome

1. Double click tab to close page.
2. Mouse Gestures
3. Super drag
4. IE tab
5. Download tools supported in context menu.

ini adalah mengenai Chrome yg sebelumnya

V1.3.3.0 (based on Chromium 20009-12-18

1. Switch IE chrome mode in the same tab.
2. Bug fixed: Double click tab to close needs 2 double clicks sometimes.
3. Make Super drag shorter.
4. Adjusted the background of Maple Logo in the new tab to transparent.
5. Added a menu item in download context menu for copying download url, then the url can be added to download tools(eg: flashget) manually.
6. Bug fixed: Can not use chrome mode to view source code of website which is in IE tab list.

V1.3.2.0 (based on Chromium

Release Notes:
1. Updated to Chromium for fixing the crash problem when language changed.
2. Fixed bookmarklets can not work.

V1.3.1.0 (based on Chromium

Release Notes:
1. Improved performance.
2. Updated to Chromium
3. Added tab mode option for opening ominibar URL(also called address bar) in chromeplus option page.
4. Added tab mode option for opening bookmark in chromeplus option page.
5. Fixed bug that IE tab can not backward.
6. Fixed bug that IE tab title is not shown correctly.
7. Fixed bug that some of the google search result can not be opened.

V1.3.0.0 (based on Chromium

Release Notes:
1. AdblockPlus rules supported. Some content of Element hiding can also be filtered before loading. Rule options($) and advanced element selectors(:>+) not supported yet.
2. Added chrome://plusconfig page to configure ChromePlus options
3. Added a choice to continue running when ChromePlus prompts no priority.
4. Disable SuperDrag when Sys button pressed(e.g. Ctrl, Alt)
5. Previously, IE tab could not be used on some CJK Windows XP, now fixed.
6. Auto-fill the current URL to IE list config dialog when right click the page mode button.
7. A new option to add the current URL automatically to IE URL list when switching from chrome mode to IE mode.
8. IE list can support wildcard now.
9. Improvement: Show link status in IE mode when hover over a link .

V1.2.6.0 (based on Chromium

Release Notes:

1. Updated to Chromium Thus supported Google bookmark sync again.
2. IE tab supported Javascript to close window.
3. Added "Open in new IE tab" item in the context menu of bookmarks.
4. Added "Delete Recently Close records when exit" option in ChromePlus privacy option.
5. Added wheel up and down mouse gestures, and you can switch to other tabs with mouse gesture now.
6. Change ChromePlus option "Enable Google bookmark sync" to "Disable Google bookmark sync" because Google mark sync is supported by default in Chromium
7. Fixed the bug of "A new tab opened when closing the popup window".
8. Fixed the bug of "Incorrect system menu when pressing Alt+D in IE tab".
9. Fixed the bug of "Screen freezed when wheel up or down during mouse gesture".

V1.2.5.0 (based on Chromium

Release Notes:
1. Added option - When last tab closed, close browser or not.
2. Added startup options.(Cache folder, proxy, etc.)
3. Added privacy options when browser closed (e.g. delete thumbnails and history).

V1.2.4.0 (based on Chromium

Release Notes:
1. Supported mouse gesture customization.
2. Supported Google bookmark sync
3. Changed to open the super dragged tab next to current tab. .

V1.2.3.0 (based on Chromium

Release Notes:
1. Added google gears support.
2. Resolved the fast scroll down bug in IeTab. See
3. Added access right check on Vista and higher version of Windows.
4. Corrected the default installation directory on Win7.
5. Fixed the bug of backspace key takes page back. See

silah kan di download ^^
disitu download melalui webnya Chrome software ini free ^^

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