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CyberLink Power DVD 9.0.2010.0 Ultra

CyberLink Power DVD 9.0.2010.0 Ultra - the most functional version of one of the best of modern software players, allowing for interactive viewing drives DVD-Video, Video CD and Blu-Ray on your computer.
The main advantages of this player include excellent picture quality, user-friendly interface with skins and good adjustability. In addition to watching movies from the CD-ROM drive (DVD and Video CD), PowerDVD lets you play files formats supported by Windows Media Player, as well as MPEG1 and MPEG2. The program also has the function frame capture file format BMP, repeat station records, adjust the display settings, remembering when to stop, support for mouse scroll wheel, and many other features. With Movie Collection, you can create your own catalog of your collection of films, holding reviews, personal notes, information on the cover of the film, as well as share these data with other users through the service MoovieLive.
One of the most notable improvements implemented in the new version was to support a set of modern technologies CyberLink TrueTheater Technology. These technologies will allow owners to home theater systems based on conventional PCs markedly improve the quality of sound and picture quality when watching movies on discs DVD. Developers promise that the technology will TrueTheater HD content, the usual DVD-ROM almost indistinguishable from HD-content. Under the name TrueTheater Motion will provide an extremely smooth playback of DVD-Video by increasing frame rates.
TrueTheater Stretch will stretch the picture without her noticeable distortion. Development TrueTheater Lighting will provide extra brightness and sharpness of images. Finally, TrueTheater Surround technology makes possible multichannel surround sound via standard stereo speakers. Curious Mode Cinema Mode should please those with large screens. This mode involves enlargement of menu items and fonts, which gathered information about the films. Cinema Mode also boasts of close integration with the platform of Microsoft Windows Media Center and provides carriers the ability to play Blu-ray Disc. FancyView interface makes navigation on a large video collections is extremely clear and easy.
All made in the user catalog movies will be displayed in the form of Covers. Holders of touch screens will be able to leaf through these lists to slight movement of hands. In other cases, to examine the contents of a personal video library can use the remote control, keyboard or mouse. Updated feature: Movie Collection simplify the addition of information about movies and share this information with other users. All entered polzovatelem data on discs Blu-ray Disc and DVD from the personal collection can be synchronized with the online database
New version of the product boasts compatibility with current standards of HDMI 1.3, as well as AVCREC and AVCHD. Fans of high-quality sound will appreciate the support of audio formats Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio. And support for technology hardware video acceleration DxVA provide the ability to play high-definition video, even at relatively weak personal computers

Works with the following formats:
Audio:. MP3,. M3U,. MP2,. M4A,. WAV,. WMA,. AOB,. AC3,. CDA,. MID,. RMI.
Video:. MPG,. MPEG,. AVI,. DAT,. WMV,. ASF,. VOB,. DVR,. MS,. MOD,. TOD,. M2TS,. MP4,. DV,. EVO,
. DIV,. DivX,. MPV,. M1V,. TRP,. M2V,. AVC,. MOV,. RMX,. TIVO,. VRO.

"The high image quality DVD movies
"Support for HD DVD and Blu-ray formats
"A large number of settings
"Comfortable, well thought out and easy to use interface
"The function of scaling the image playback video
"Continuous playback of the selected episode
"Installing markers to quickly find the desired scene
"Remembering when to stop viewing
"The possibility of simultaneous display subtitles in two languages
"Ability to convert video format (16:9 or 4:3)
"Capturing frames of a movie in formats BMP, PNG, JPG and GIF
"The use of different modes of surround
"Playing the majority of HD video formats (MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), MPEG-2 HD, WMV-HD, and SMPTE VC-1)
"New support for HDMI 1.3
"Assessment of your films
"And many other possibilities

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