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Tweak PDF To Word 3.0

Tweak PDF To Word converts PDF to Word/RTF easily and accurately to make it editable as expected. To convert PDF to Word is just the process to copy from PDF to Word exactly with the layout, text, graphics, tables, columns, charts and hyperlinks fully kept intact. This PDF to Word converter supports to convert all pages or a part of the PDF to Word document for your specific uses, too. It is easy to use and supports batch conversion to convert piles of PDFs at a time, saving your time.

Key Features:
• Converts PDF to Word DOC
• No reformatting problems, 100% accuracy
• Retains intact of the original file, no reformatting required
• Batch converts PDF to Word
• Supports all Adobe PDF versions and PDF files created by other applications
• Supports Microsoft Word 2007, 2003, 2000

• Converts PDF to Word DOC
The converter helps to convert PDF to editable Word DOC with top accuracy, without formatting problems. No data lose, it's reliable and safe.
• Batch conversion
Batch conversion saves time. It batch converts a list of files from PDF to Word, saving time.
• Able to convert encrypted files
Password-protected PDF files can also be converted.
• Supports all kinds of PDF files
All versions of PDF files through 9.0 are supported. PDF files created by other applications are also supported.
• Almost all Word versions are supported
Word 2007, 2003, 2000, etc. are all supported for the output Word files.
• No reformatting required
The converter identifies the formatting, text, images, tables, graphics, etc. and saves them through the conversion. No messed up files will appear and no need to do the reformatting any more.
• Displays PDF content exact the same in Word
After conversion, the PDF contents, including text font, background, header and footer, hyperlinks, images, superscript, etc. will just be displayed the same in Word.
• Image positioning
No image will be lost. No image will be distorted. No image will be positioned incorrectly. Images and their positioning will be exactly the same as that in PDF file.
• Text style won't change even slightly
The text style like font, size, color, underline, boldness, shadow and stress, etc. are exactly kept as they are in the original.
• Converts headers and footers
Headers and footers are still headers and footers after conversion in the converted document.
• Retains hyperlinks
Hyperlinks and bookmarks in the PDF files won't be lost. And, all kinds of hyperlinks are supported, like that beginning with http://, https://, ftp:// and ftps:// (e.g.
• Keeps Superscript & Subscript
The superscript and subscript text will be kept as they are in the output Word document.
• Converts PDF to Word for easier editing
After the PDF to Word conversion, all the content from PDF will discard the texts in Word as flowing text, which is best, if you intend to edit the file after conversion.
• Converts PDF to Word with only Text in styles
The conversion will discard all the objects (images, tables, graphics, hyperlinks, charts, etc.), leaving only texts still in their original style. This is easier if you intend to use the text for using in other places.
• Converts PDF to Word with only text
The conversion will discard all the objects (images, tables, graphics, hyperlinks, charts, etc.) and text fonts (color, style, underline, italic, board, etc.). This is helpful, if you'd like a Notepad document.
• Converts PDF to Word that is easier for editing while with no sacrifice of the formatting
The output Word file will be an exact replica of the original PDF. While you are editing the Word, the whole text will be sliced into small texts, which is easier for editing without changing the whole formatting. This is convenient if you intend to use it for presentations, brochures, newspapers or magazines.

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