Senin, 02 November 2009

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2 v2.02

Photo optimization is as simple as that: The Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2 puts your photos in perspective with only one mouse click.
Focus on your motif, press the release and record the picture: Taking photos with modern digital cameras is so easy. After having recorded the pictures, they will be transferred to and analyzed on the PC. A lot of photographers are surprised when displaying their photos on the PC for the first time: The photos are not bright enough, the colors do not shine, the degree of sharpness is not sufficient and the contrast also leaves a lot to be desired. Very often, such a result can be attributed to suboptimal settings of the camera.

But: From now on, this does not mean that you have to delete your pictures. The perfect photo is hidden under the gray surface – you only have to find it! The Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2 can help you to save each photo – all you have to do is click with your mouse. A very strong algorithm determines the optimal settings for a picture and implements these settings automatically and without any further prompts. Even on the screen, you can see that this feature already seems to remove a shroud of fog from the pictures so that the colors are shining again, the contrasts are exact and the pictures become sharper. The photographers often experience a downright light bulb moment when watching their photos.

A direct before/after comparison of the pictures shows the extreme improvements that have been performed by the program. Thus, more and more hobby and professional photographers use this program during each new readout process of recently recorded pictures to optimize them with the help of the batch processing method.

That’s new: Better overview when optimizing photos

How can software be improved that has been designed for performing all tasks with only one single mouse click? More buttons to be clicked would only be annoying and complicate the program. Thus, the operation has to be simplified even further. This is exactly what Ashampoo has done.

The new version provides a navigation bar which allows selecting each folder in the system with only one mouse click. The program immediately displays a thumbnail preview of all stored pictures. Now, the program also directly approaches digital cameras and memorizes important folders like, for example, "My pictures" which can then be selected very quickly.

At the request of many users, it is now possible to use the automatic optimization function several times in a row. Professionals can even adjust the values for brightness, contrast and gamma manually. The maximizing function of the picture preview also displays the “enlarged” optimized photo on the screen. The new version is complete with a print function for a quick output on the photo printer.

New features of the 2 version

* Support of digital cameras
* Direct jump to important folders (My pictures, connected cameras, USB flash drives, etc.)
* Multiple use of the automatic optimization
* Manual readjustment of brightness, contrast and gamma for experts
* Print function
* The large thumbnail view provides a better overview
* Directory tree for a comfortable search for files
* Maximizing function for the picture view
* Easy switch between the original and the optimized version for direct comparison
* Backups of the original files are stored at a central location and not in the directories

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7

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