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Wii NINTENDO (Everything You Need To Run Your BackUp Games) 43in2 AIO

What we have here is a AIO that can softmod your Wii consoles firmware so you can play your backup games(ISO's) and homebrew (Emulators/Roms and Apps etc) without the need of a modchip.

Emulator list for Wii-AIO:

FCE Ultra GX - NES Emulator.

Genesis Plus Gx - Genesis / Megadrive Emulator.

Gnuboy GX - Gameboy (Color) emulator.

Hu-Go GX - Turbo Grafix 16 / PC Engine Emulator.

Neopop - Neo-Geo Pocket Emulator.

RIN Wii - Gameboy (Color) Emulator.

ScummVM - Emulator for ScummVM game

SDL MAME - Arcade Games Emulator.

SMSPlus GX - Sega Master System / Game Gear Emulator.

Snes9x GX - SNES Emulator.

Trojan Wii - Trojan LCD Game Simulator.

Visual Boy Advance GX - Gameboy/Color/Advance Emulator.

Wii64 - Nintendo 64 Emulator.

WiiApple - Apple IIe Emulator. (Must have a USB keyboard)

Yabause - Sega Saturn emulator.

Wii Mod List

Ultimate Wii Soft-Mod + Bannerbomb (Works on ver 4.0 firmare)

hackmii installer beta1

Twilight Hack (For firmware under ver 4.0)

The Homebrew Channel

Wii-AIO v2 update

Changes in Version 2:

New Design.
Easier navigation.
New Sounds added.
More information and instructions added.
Imgburn added.
UniiLoader - Universal Backup Loader added.
WBFS Manager added.
Wii Softmodding for Dummies v4.1 added.


Download From Hotfile
Download From FileFactory

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