Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

Adobe Acrobat 3D 8.1.7

Adobe Acrobat 3D software enriches collaboration by enabling extended teams to use Adobe PDF documents to more securely and reliably communicate 3D design intent.

Use Adobe Acrobat 3D to easily insert and publish 3D designs from major CAD applications in Adobe PDF documents which can be shared with suppliers, partners and customers using free Adobe Reader software.

Here are some key features of "Adobe Acrobat 3D":

Reduce errors, design changes, and number of review cycles:
· Use embedded 3D interactive content to highlight design flaws before a product reaches production.

Convert 3D designs from major CAD applications:
· Easily convert 3D designs from major CAD applications to Adobe PDF. Enable extended team members to review without expensive CAD applications or specialty viewers.

Capture 3D designs directly from your CAD application:
· Capture 3D designs from your CAD application in one step to create Adobe PDF files. (Supported on Microsoft? Windows? and various UNIX? systems.)

Enrich communications:
· Visually communicate the design intent of 3D product information by creating multiple cross sections and exploded-view animations to accurately show assembly and disassembly.

Extend review and commenting:
· Activate functionality in free Adobe Reader software to enable suppliers, partners, and customers to review, mark up, redline, and comment on 3D designs.

Manage file size:
· Dramatically reduce file size by converting 3D CAD designs into an Adobe PDF document using presets that control conversion parameters. Use your Adobe PDF document to easily exchange 3D designs and concepts with project teams, customers, and partners.


· Intel Pentium III processor or equivalent
· Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
· 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
· 1.6GB of available hard-disk space (includes cache for optional installation files)
· NVIDIA or ATI video card with pixel shader support and DirectX 8.1 or 9 required for video hardware acceleration (recommended for optimal performance)
· 1,024x768 screen resolution
· DVD-ROM drive
· Internet or phone connection required for product activation

Download link ^^

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